The Glacial Difference

Glacial Rx is the first and only CryoAsetheticTM treatment that uses precision cooling to fight inflammation and brighten skin. In addition, Glacial Rx is an FDA-cleared, Class II medical device.

How Glacial Rx is changing the face of aging

CryoAestheticTM technology harnesses the power of cold to fight inflammation and brighten skin, reducing redness and accelerating exfoliation to reveal radiant skin and remove age spots.


How Glacial Rx Compares

Results are typical after a single treatment. You can expect to see the full benefit of Glacial Rx within one to two months – and in some cases, even sooner. The number of treatments and results will vary based on the goals and treatment plans discussed with your provider.

  Glacial Rx
Removes Age Spots
CryoAestheticTM Technology
Evens Skin Tone
Brightens Skin
Reduces Redness
Calms Inflammation
Lasting Results
Treat anywhere on the body
Provides a Relaxing Experience
To begin your treatment planning, talk to a provider near you.

Glacial Rx is FDA-cleared

  • Glacial Rx is a procedure that fights skin inflammation, brightens skin, and removes benign lesions. The precision cooling also helps to temporarily reduce pain and swelling.
  • Clinical trials observed low rates of side effects, mostly in the form of redness, which resolved on its own in a matter of days.
  • Trial participants were able to return to normal activities immediately after treatment.