It’s Groundbreaking. It’s Glacial® Rx.

World-recognized scientific founders figured out a way to harness the biological relationship between cold and skin and reshape the way we treat skin conditions with controlled temperatures.

Today, Glacial® Rx is the first and only treatment that uses precision cooling to reduce inflammation.

The Science &
How It Works

Cryomodulation® is our proprietary precision cooling algorithm that fights inflammation, increases brightness, and treats benign lesions.

This multimodality platform uses controlled cooling to downregulate inflammation, accelerate exfoliation, and normalize melanin in the skin, restoring brightness and evening skin tone with minimal pain or downside.

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Glacial Rx platform with a customizable touchscreen interface
Precision Cooling Handpiece Glacial Rx FDA approved medical device
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The Platform

Glacial® Rx is a versatile, customizable treatment platform that empowers providers.


Glacial® Rx has three modalities: cooling followed by dermabrasion, continuous cooling, and precision freezing. Each modality can be delivered as a stand-alone treatment or in combination. Continuous cooling can also be paired with other dermatological treatments.

Glacial Glide Glacial Rx

Cooling Followed by Dermabrasion

Treat skin with continuous cooling and optional topicals to reduce inflammation, brighten skin, and accelerate exfoliation.

Glacial gloss Glacial Rx

Continuous Cooling

Deliver precision cooling to the skin, resulting in calmer and brighter-looking skin almost immediately. It can be delivered as a standalone treatment or paired with lasers and other treatments to reduce pain, inflammation, and thermal injury.

targeted freezing Glacial Rx

Precision Freezing

Targeted freezing is delivered quickly and gently to selected benign lesions. After treatment, the targeted lesions will heal and slough off, leading to clearer and brighter skin.

Have Questions?

How long until I see results?

Some results are possible immediately after treatment, but the best results develop within three months following treatment.

Who performs the Glacial® Rx treatment?

Glacial® Rx treatment is available only through qualified healthcare providers.

What parts of my body can Glacial® Rx treat?

Glacial® Rx can treat anywhere on the body.

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