The Treatment

Reset Better Skin From Within

It’s the total precision cooling treatment for true transformation.

Customizable Treatment

Glacial® Rx provides treatment with an unparalleled level of versatility. With this breakthrough platform, providers can tailor treatment to the individual needs and desires of patients in a variety of ways. Experience the flexibility of Glacial® Rx:

Design treatment sessions from 3 different modalities: cooling followed by dermabrasion, continuous cooling, and targeted freezing.

Deliver Glacial® Rx as a standalone treatment or combine it with other heat- or light-based treatments for optimal outcomes.

Patients will experience brighter, calmer skin immediately after treatment, with great results seen as long as 3 months after treatment.*

Picture of skin unevenness and hyperpigmentation Before
Picture of woman with pigmentation spots and skin dullness Before
Picture of woman with skin redness and irritation Before
Courtesy of Dr. Bonnet, Sculptology, CA
best dark spot removal example After
hyperpigmentation like age spots or sun damage example Before
Courtesy of Dr. Bonnet, Sculptology, CA

The Results

At three months post-treatment, patients reported overall brighter skin, improvement of benign lesions, and more even skin tone.*

“Glacial® Rx was such a refreshing treatment. My skin feels soothed and hydrated from the inside out. I would 10-out-of-10 recommend to someone suffering from inflammation. I can already see a difference after one treatment.”

– RealSelf user

Why Glacial® Rx?

Glacial® Rx is for anyone who wants to reduce inflammation and enhance their overall skin brightness.

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Redness Inflamed, irritated skin causes blood vessels to flush, creating unwanted redness and skin sensitivity. Skin can become red and inflamed from a variety of irritants, like wind or sun, skin products, physical activity, stress, heat, and more.
Dullness When the skin loses the ability to reflect light well, it becomes dull and tired-looking. Factors like sleep, aging, diet, and skin care can play a role in the skin’s luster, or lack of it.
Skin Laxity Skin that loses firmness–or laxity–may start to sag and become crepey. Age is a primary determinant, but other factors like sun, genetics, and lifestyle choices can accelerate the degradation of skin tightness.
Unevenness Skin with uneven texture and tone may feature hyperpigmentation like age spots or sun damage and may be rough or bumpy to the touch. While age and inflammation affect the skin’s evenness, other causes like overexposure to the sun and chronic dehydration can also play a role.
Inflamed, irritated skin causes melasma skin care full face rejuvenation facial rejuvenation treatment
best treatment for pigmentation on face age spot treatment Treatment for skin elasticity treatment for hyperpigmentation
GlacialRx machine, medspa revenue boost

About CryoAesthetics® Technology

CryoAesthetics® Technology harnesses the power of cold to fight inflammation and brighten skin, reduce redness and accelerate exfoliation to reveal radiant skin and remove benign lesions.

The Technology
Reinvent Your Practice with Cryoaesthetics

CryoAesthetics® Customized

One degree can make a difference. As the leader in precision cooling, CryoAesthetics® resets skin based on each patient’s aesthetic needs.

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