We are R2

Innovation, passion, drive and a good sense of humor form the secret sauce to R2’s fearless culture. We are innovators, communicators, collaborators and disruptors.

How We Work

We. Work. Hard. We work confidently and tirelessly to drive results. Our team is a powerhouse of ideas and we encourage each other to challenge the status quo, leveraging each other’s strengths for maximum team achievement. Here are some key tenants of our culture.

High Expectations

We stand by accountability, reliability and execution as we work toward deadlines. As a team, we assume we will have conflicting ideas and opinions, yet we embrace this process as a wellspring of ideas.

Open Communication

We communicate respectfully, honestly and often. As part of the R2 crew, success comes from team collaboration and interaction with cross-functional departments. We value frequent communication as we drive toward common goals.

Circle of Trust

Our goal is to empower you to do great things without the burden of micromanagement. We trust you to be transparent as you set your own priorities, speak up and think differently while keeping your department goals in mind.

Growth Commitment

We value the role of management when it contributes to the growth of our team members and our company. Our executive leadership avoids giving orders and making rules; instead, we coach, mentor and teach.

Celebrating and Inspiring Others

Celebrating our achievements, no matter how large or small, is a huge part of our culture. R2 encourages each employee to recognize each other’s greatness, appreciate our team and give kudos. That’s how we get great things done.

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